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The time between sowing and harvesting

Author: Paulo Coelho

Do not try to make the road shorter, but travel it in such a way that every action leaves the land more fertile and the landscape more beautiful.

Do not try to be the Master of Time. If you pick the fruit you planted too early, it will be green and give pleasure to no one.
If, out of fear or insecurity, you decide to put off the moment of making the Offering, the fruit will have rotted.
Therefore, respect the time between sowing and harvesting.

And then await the miracle of the transformation.
Until the wheat is in the oven, it cannot be called bread.
Until the words are spoken, they cannot be called a poem.
Until the threads are woven together by the hands of the person working them, they cannot be called cloth.

When the moment comes to show others your Offering, they will be amazed and will say to each other: ‘There is a successful man, because everyone wants the fruits of his labours.’

No one will ask what it cost to produce those fruits, because anyone who does his work with love fills his creation with such intensity that it cannot be perceived by the eyes.
Just as an acrobat flies easily through the air, with no apparent effort, success, when it comes, seems the most natural thing in the world.

Meanwhile, if anyone did dare to ask, the answer would be: I considered giving up, I thought God was no longer listening to me, I often had to change direction and, on other occasions, lost my way. Despite everything, though, I found it again and carried on, because I was convinced there was no other way to live my life.

I learned which bridges should be crossed and which should be burned.

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