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The word

Author: Paulo Coelho

The word

The word is the final intention of someone who wishes to share something with his neighbour.

William Blake said: all that we write is the fruit of memory or the unknown.
If I can make a suggestion, respect the unknown and look there for your source of inspiration.

The stories and facts remain the same, but when you open a door in your unconscious and let yourself be led by inspiration you will see that the way to describe what you have lived or dreamt is always far richer when your unconscious is guiding the pen.
Every word leaves a memory in your heart – and it the sum of these memories that forms sentences, paragraphs, books.

Words are as flexible as the tip of your pen, and they understand the signs on the road.

Sentences do not hesitate in changing course when they make a discovery, when they spot a better opportunity.
Words have the same quality as water: they go around rocks and adapt to the river bed, sometimes turning into a lake until the depression has filled up and they can continue their journey.

Because when words are written with feelings and the soul, they do not forget that their destination is the ocean of a text, and that sooner or later they have to arrive there.

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