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Learning to take care of oneself

Author: Paulo Coelho

– For years I have sought enlightenment – said the disciple. – I feel I am near it and want to know how to take the next step.

– A man who knows how to seek God knows also how to take care of himself. How do you support yourself? – asked the master.

– That is just a detail. I have rich parents who help me along my spiritual path. Because of that, I can dedicate myself entirely to sacred things.

– Very well – said the master. – I will explain to you the next step: look at the sun for half a minute.

The disciple obeyed.

When he had finished, the master asked him describe the landscape around him.

– I can’t. The sun’s brightness dazzled my eyes.

– A man who looks fixedly at the sun ends up blind. A man who only looks for Light, and shifts his responsibilities onto the shoulders of others, never finds what he is seeking – was the master’s comment.

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Stories & Reflections


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