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5 reasons why Paulo Coelho is so Successful

Author: Paulo Coelho

He is Rebellious 

Paulo Coelho was not one of those kids who took normal traditional way without questioning or opposing it. He always stood against the traditional ways. He always had his own perception of the world which was beyond the understanding of normal people.

When asked by his parents to go for engineering, he said he wanted to be a writer. Though he was forced to join the college but later dropped out to follow his dream.

Paulo Coelho disagreed to a lot of views of his parents and society. He had his own reality which he ultimately made true.

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He was considered Crazy and Freak

Because of his rebellious attitude, Paulo Coelho was considered crazy and freak. Disagreeing to normal concepts made his parents believe that he was mentally ill and put him in a mental institution. He even tried escape from there three times before being released.

Ultimately all theses made his parents believe that we can’t make him right so leave him on his own fate. They even said that “ oh my poor son you can never make a living because of this weird crazy attitude.

Travelling around the World

After dropping out of college, Paulo Coelho set out to travel the world in search of happiness and truth. He adopted a kind of hippie lifestyle. Moving from place to place with no money.

Meeting new people, learning new things. A journey of adventure and spiritual to the self.

In 1986, Coelho walked the 500 plus mile road of Santiago de Compostela in northwestern Spain, a turning point in his life. On the path, Paulo Coelho had a spiritual awakening which he described autobiographically in his book “Pilgrimage”.

He took Risk

Risk makes us see things which you can’t see being in your comfort zone. Risk put us in circumstances which brings out the best version of us.

Paulo Coelho never thought twice in taking the risk. In fact for him risk was a way of life. Right from dropping out of college to travelling the world with no money speaks of his courageous and risk-taking attitude.

He even left successful lyrics writing career to focus full-time on Writing.

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He is a Believer

The very basic thing we should have in our life is Faith and Belief on ourselves, in our destiny. To believe is one of the most crucial things in life. Belief gives us the positive feeling and motivates us to keep going.

Paulo Coelho was a great believer. He always believed in his destiny. He believed in omens. he believed that When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.


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