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Becoming yourself

Author: Paulo Coelho

Isn’t there some sure way of establishing this dialogue with the Divine, like meditation, for instance? Or endeavoring to make myself better every day?

This question reveals a person committed to an idea, and if that question can always be kept present, everything will fit together.
The ideal conditions that we are looking for don’t exist. We shall never be able to get rid of certain defects.

The trick lies in knowing that despite all our flaws you have a reason for being here, and we have to honor that reason.

Try to go beyond the limits that you are used to. For ten minutes a day, be that person you have always wanted to be.
If the problem is shyness, stimulate conversation.
If the problem is guilt, feel approved. If you think that the world ignores you, try consciously to attract everyone’s looks. Y
ou will experience the occasional difficult situation, but it’s worth it.

If for ten minutes a day you can manage to be what you dreamed, you are already making great progress.

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