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I don’t know God

Author: Paulo Coelho

Sometimes we criticize lack of faith in others.
We aren’t capable of understanding the circumstances in which this faith has been lost, nor do we try to alleviate our brother’s misery – and this causes revolt and incredulity in the divine power.

Humanist Robert Owen traveled all over England talking of God.
In the 19th century it was common to use child labor in heavy work, and one afternoon Owen stopped at a coal mine where an undernourished twelve-year-old boy was lugging a heavy sack of bricks.
‘I am here to help you talk to God’, said Owen.
‘Thanks very much, but I don’t know him. He must work in another mine’, answered the boy.

How can you expect a boy in those conditions to be able to believe in God?

Understand that you are not alone when you want Divine Justice to make itself manifest on this Earth. In the Middle Ages the Gothic cathedrals were built by several generations. This prolonged effort helped the participants to organize their thoughts, to give thanks and to dream.
The desire to build a better world remains in our heart. We are building the cathedrals of tomorrow. Let’s meet the right people and do it together

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Stories & Reflections


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