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Q&A: Transformation

Author: Paulo Coelho

Many times we need to compare things, situations and people in order to decide what is best for us. Do you consider that in most cases this is a positive attitude? (Mara Adriana)

It all depends on the context: if we make a decision that is based solely on what other people tell us, we may be straying from what we truly desire and want. But if we are able to listen to our souls – keeping of course a channel open to others – then we are able to grow and walk in the direction of our dreams.

I have just finished reading the Witch of Portobello. What is the one thing that I must remember during this time which is full of doubts and fears but at the same time curiosity and excitement? (by Sarah)

You should always bear in mind the goal of this transformation, without shutting away the process. It’s actually in this very moment that you can grasp the wider meaning of your life.

I had this realization while doing the pilgrimage to Saint James. I was, in the beginning obsessed with my sword and so wanted to get straight to the end of the journey. It was actually by living the journey in all its aspects that I was finally able to find my sword. Both elements then must be present in your spirit in this time of change.

What is fear? (by Benedict)

Contrary to what we believe, fear does not arise because we feel utterly alone. If we were totally alone there wouldn’t be anything to fear.

Actually fear comes from the fact that we imagine there are forces ready to attack us, things that escape from our power to understand.

Our fear arises from what we can’t grasp. What we don’t understand is actually what fills us with dread.
The moment we realize that things that go beyond our knowledge are not harmful, then the object of fear disappears.

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