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Dear friends
In 1982, my wife and I decided to start travelling without any specific place to go, wandering around and visiting many countries for several months. In January 1982 we ended up in Praha (it was during the communist regime).

Sunday morning, January 24 in the The Golden street of Alchemists, we saw a lone person drawing. It was winter, freezing cold, but this young man was there, following his call (today there are many dozens doing the same). My wife and i were the only ones walking in this street. I decided to buy one of his drawings. He was so happy that he decided to draw my wife for free.
I was a little bit embarrassed, but while watching him doing this, I thought: “this is an example for me. A lesson of a lifetime, I must never forget this moment. Nobody is here, nobody is buying anything , but this does not stop him to do what he wants to do.”

At the end, I gave him TWO GIFTS, the only things that I had in my pocket.

I wish I can meet him again in March 19, when I will hold my annual party, this time on Praha. He is probably doing something completely different now. When we met him, he was around 25 years old. He will be my guest of honour. I will know if it is him because he MUST identify the two gifts I gave him.

UPDATE 19 MARCH 2016- Thank you my My Czech friends!


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