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Author: Paulo Coelho

On one hand we know that it is important to seek God.
On the other hand, life distances us from Him – because we feel ignored by the Divine, or else because we are busy with our daily life.
This apparent double law is a fantasy: God is in life, and life is in God.

Relax. When we start our spiritual journey, we want so very hard to speak to God – and we end up not hearing what He has to tell us.
That is why it is always advisable to relax a little.
It is not easy: we have a natural tendency to always do the right thing, and we feel that we are going to improve our spirit if we work at it non-stop

But if you relax and keep moving, if we manage to penetrate the sacred harmony of our daily existence, we shall always be on the right road, because our daily tasks are also our divine tasks.
And God is there.

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Stories & Reflections


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