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Timeless Truths We Learned from “The Alchemist”

Author: Paulo Coelho

By Ryan Covel

On finding your Personal Legend
:When we’re young we dream of becoming astronauts, professional athletes, actors and writers, captains and firefighters, but as we grow older, and move through the education system and society, it’s continually suggested that we ‘think more reasonably’ and consider things such as job-security – like how Paulo’s parents suggested he become an engineer. As Paulo shows us though, sometimes it’s best we don’t listen to the voices of suppression, and continue to dream big throughout our whole life.

On fate and freewill: Many times when an event occurs in our lives, whether good or bad, we will tell ourselves, “it was fate”. We like to give the universe its power and convince ourselves that we have no control over what happens – but we do. The world’s biggest lie is when we, or others, tell ourselves that we don’t have control over our lives. We do. We are each in full control of our individual lives – and until we stop believing in that lie, we won’t be able to reach our full potential; our Personal Legend.

On life: The hardest part of any goal worth achieving comes in the moments when you think it has become an impossible task, but in reality, you are so close to achieving whatever it is that you have asked the universe for. It’s about persevering those tough moments, and continuing your journey, that will help you realize your dreams. As Paulo says,

“It is said that the darkest hour of night came just before the dawn.”

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