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Are you Stubborn Enough About Your Creativity?

Author: Paulo Coelho

by Anna Verasai

We are all told that compromise is a good virtue to keep everyone happy and maintain balanced relationships. But will you be happy compromising on your talent and creativity? Will you reach your goals if you keep on compromising? If your answer to any of these questions is a no; then stop compromising right away. It is not a merry world and you won’t excel in your work if we keep compromising our creativity

Compromise is a good virtue, agreed. But when it comes to anything related to your creativity and talent, do not compromise. Do not accept anything less than what you can offer. If you are confident about your work do not give in to the pressures from seniors. Rather, you can prove your worth by not settling in for the obvious route.

People always take the path most traveled; and creative people often tread on the less traveled. This is what makes them different from the rest of the world. They know that they can change norms of everyday life by just being themselves.

There are times at work place when you want to do a project in a certain way, but the top management asks you to follow the traditional method. At times when you have your specific tone of work; your seniors want to tamper with it. During such phases in your career you have to stand up for your own unique identity; your creativity and talent.

Creativity and Talent is Not for Compromise

Rod Judkins, in his book ‘The Art of Creative Thinking’; has given a beautiful example of Paulo Coelho and how he did not compromise given the external pressure. Coelho knew since his teenage days that he wanted to become a writer; which was brushed off as madness by his family. His parents wanted him to have a secure and more respectable profession; like a lawyer. They were so much opposed to his dreams that they went to an extent of admitting him to a mental institute for 3 times; to arguably ‘save’ him from writing.

Coelho refused to compromise. He was confident in his talent and he made a point not to compromise on it. Once sure about the path; Paulo Coelho went on to become the most famous writer of his generation. His book ‘The Alchemist’ is reportedly translated into eighty languages, and has sold 65 million copies globally. By remaining stubborn and not giving in to family pressures, Coelho achieved his dream and became an international inspiration.

Be Flexible Enough

As creative people, everyone has their own set of ideals and visions. It is necessary that you respect your own creativity and vision rather than settling in for the obvious. Of course, do not be stubborn if you have to be a little flexible for co-workers or if you have to put in extra efforts for outputs. Be available whenever people need your help. Also try to follow the work place rules of your organization when it comes to your habits and work styles.

Note that you need to be stubborn only about the quality of work you deliver, your goals, and your creativity and talent. For everything else – Compromise is genuinely a good virtue!!

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