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Author: Paulo Coelho

by Camilla Stauton


We must learn to be the truest form of ourselves

To have immense love and passion above all else

I learnt so much not just about a country but also myself

I don’t want to change but I want to change the world

Be the change you wish to see in others

Ensure you remember these moments and don’t get lost in your own society

I feel so inspired making me want to be a better version of myself

I need more passion

Sometimes I wish time away but now I want every second to last my lifetime

Give me the chance to do something better each time I try

Don’t confuse my generosity with softness

To be happy in the innocence of not having first world problems

Not taking the photo captures the image in your soul

I want to be richer not in monetary terms but in my soul

All looking at different sides of the road but the image and feeling is the same

The kites a symbol of their freedom

Paralell universes collide

Celebration of life by engaging their senses through colours and smells

Not having just one god having many and within those god we are one.

The ability to dream the willingness to do

Seek the god within

Its not about the amount of time you spend together it is about what you do with that time

We are at once the same and worlds apart

History is written in the present and out future

Live in the front row

Do I know myself at all

Is our life the one we chose or did it chose us

There is a land far far away so steeped in religion in makes you want to pray

You will live in my dreams in the West while my heart lies in the east

To have an outlander moment when you touch a stone and enter another

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