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Benefits of Reading Books

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5 Benefits of Reading Books

Days are gone when only geeks used to read books. Nowadays, many smart CEO of big multinational organizations read a book every week, yes every week a book, and they love and want to read even more. According to a study by Yale University, people who read books live two years longer than the people who don’t read, and that is not dependent on gender, education, wealth, or health. The report extrapolated that thorough reading promotes emotional intelligence and empathy, a cognitive process that is a result of a greater probability of surviving. In the leisure time, instead of watching television and scrolling through social media, in short, becoming a couch potato do you no good; it makes you less smart. These activities not only consume time but are not good for your physical health and lead to body dissatisfaction and slow cognitive function leading to distorted emotional wellbeing. This blog is to tell you how you can convert your leisure time being productive by reading books and what benefits you will get while doing so. 

1.      Helps you to have a good night’s sleep

Two factors are important to manage before you go to sleep. One is light, and the other is sound. Digital devices such as smartphones, televisions, tablets, and other devices that emit light. They have a blue part of the spectrum in their light, which is very problematic as it makes you more vigilant, reducing the production of melatonin a vital hormone in the sleep cycle. Even if you’re able to sleep in this environment, you will not achieve the quality of sleep your body requires. Reading books before going to sleeps increases your productivity when you wake up, and this habit also helps you to go to sleep early. Additionally, the books do not emit any light that can cause stress. So it is a win-win situation.

2.      There are some stories in the books you miss on television

Many blockbuster movies are based on stories based on books. But still, there are many fantastic stories out there in the books that you’re missing. Suppose you like a movie, and you like the genre, but you’re unable to find other movies with the same genre, so if that movie is based on the book, you can simply search the writer and find his/her other books on the same genre. Additionally, many personalities changed the world, and there are no movies or shows available that truly interpret their struggle through life.  You can simply obtain their autobiographies or biographies, this will help you see a clear perspective, and you will have their experience with you. Suppose the great people like Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln, or any other person that you like by his/her writing provides you the opportunity to experience his/her whole life. So the value of their experience will be in your mind that will help you throughout your life.

3.      Some of your favourite shows and movies on television are from a book

There might be some movies or shows that you love on television such as Game of Thrones or movies like the troy, fight club, da Vinci code, or the famous Harry porter; these are all masterpieces from books. The movies are for a limited time and don’t effectively manifest the writer’s imagination, so reading books of the stories is a more enjoyable experience. Considering the imagination of the writer, they are very worried about the picturizing of their book into a movie. Take an example of Paulo Coelho, the famous writer of the international bestseller Alchemist. He never wants his books to be translated into a movie, although many famous directors reach him, the rationale he provides is that he wants his readers to enjoy their imagination. So if you don’t like reading books, you’re missing all this fascinating literature.  

4.      Books are the dumbbells of your cognitive system

Researches have shown that reading books that have a resilient description leave an impression on your cognitive system of your brain, amplifying the connections within the parts of your brain that are responsible for the reception of language. This effect lasts for some days, so all you have to keep reading every day and cultivate the benefits. Reading makes your brain to work optimistically as you analyse perspectives and possibilities.

5.      Durability of experience

What is the durability of fun and experience you get from a book is subject to the time you put in it. If you’re enjoying and concentrating every detail and imagining every character to understand their situation and they feel in any situation. In this way, durability will be high, and the fun will stay for many weeks. Further benefits from the books are you obtain skills for the future. It increases the vocabulary that helps you in professional life as well; Reading books also helps in brain deterioration by regularly exercising your brain muscles and provides the tendency to cope with the diseases.  

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