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Author: Paulo Coelho

If you have read one book by Paulo Coelho, I would guess it was, The Alchemist. The book has sold millions of copies all over the world and has been printed in many languages.

I picked up the book, Warrior of the Light, thinking that it would tell a story about strength and overcoming, similar to the Alchemist.

But the book was different than my expectations. Reading the Warrior of the Light I felt like it was a book that paired well with the Alchemist.

The book reviews how a Warrior of the Light builds him or herself to that standard.

The Manual

As I was reading the book, I picked up on many of the principles Paulo Coelho talked about. I also thought about different principles that were important to me.

Below I would like to share with you 101 principles, attitudes, believes and philosophies to help you overcome negative thoughts, feelings, actions and mindset.

I am in the process, and continue to be in the process, of learning how to apply these lessons to my life. Each day we face new challenges and the lessons below are opportunities for us.


101 Lessons from Warrior of the Light

  1. Sometimes you need to step away from the things that you obsess about before they can be realized.
  2. Show your gratitude to others and for others.
  3. Let others judge you. They are going to do it anyway. You keep doing what you know if right.
  4. It is important to have life experience versus theory from books.
  5. First prepare and then take action.
  6. If you have weaknesses, admit it. Only then are you ready to improve.
  7. [bctt tweet=”Every situation is a chance to learn something new.” via=”no”]
  8. Learn to be disciplined.
  9. Developing new abilities is the key to overcome old habits.
  10. Pick and choose battles carefully.
  11. It is nice to relax but do not have many days that repeating.
  12. Are you predictable?
  13. Play your role until you can get out of your circumstances.
  14. Do you have expectations of others? Don’t.
  15. What’s your purpose in life?
  16. The words you use when talk to yourself need to be positive.
  17. Talk to yourself and make sure you are doing what you need to do.
  18. Asking a higher power for advice.
  19. Be humble even when you do not want to be.
  20. Are you sharing your success with others? Why?

  21. Reflecting on the past.
  22. Pass the torch to the next generation.
  23. Do your goals keep you awake?
  24. Complaints do not go a long way. Why do you complain?
  25. What remains after you have worked all day?
  26. Your journey is different for the journey of everyone else.
  27. [bctt tweet=”New challenges are there once you get over the old ones.” via=”no”]
  28. Know your faults.
  29. Know your strengths.
  30. Looks at your opportunity not the opportunities of others.
  31. Motive others when you can.
  32. Show compassion for others.
  33. What do you fear? Why?
  34. Don’t focus on betrayal.
  35. Are you trying to walk someone else’s path?
  36. Do not focus on the trivial things.
  37. If you have no believe in yourself. Then your first job is to build it.
  38. Are you forgetting God?
  39. Who do you say Yes to and No to?
  40. Think about those you hurt in love.

  41. How are you improving yourself?
  42. Always finish what you start if it serves a purpose.
  43. Who is your teacher, mentor or coach?
  44. Share your heart with others.
  45. Share your thoughts with others.
  46. Who is not your teacher?
  47. Helping others is important.
  48. Help yourself first then help everyone else.
  49. Why do you fight with others?
  50. Use silence as your partner in guiding your direction.
  51. [bctt tweet=”Remember it will be done by you or someone else.” via=”no”]
  52. Do you show your pain?
  53. Where does your joy come from?
  54. How do you prepare to take action?
  55. What is your daily routine and why?
  56. Where are you going to be in 5 years?
  57. Take action on your thinking.
  58. Make mistakes and learn. Do not be discouraged at the first sight of failure.
  59. Be a strong foundation for others.
  60. Fight for what you believe in.
  61. Do you make up excuse in defeat?

  62. Be patient and enjoy the journey.
  63. Do not let real opportunities slip away while you focus on the wrong things.
  64. Remember you will be tested, so do not lose your heart in the journey.
  65. Remove hate from your heart.
  66. Look at the ways others carry themselves.
  67. Believe your intuition.
  68. Stick to what you believe in but be willing to change.
  69. Ensure you take care of the details.
  70. Don’t lose hope. Keep the faith.
  71. Never place blame on others.
  72. Use fear to motivate you not stop you.
  73. Know even when you are not doing anything, billions of things are still happening.
  74. [bctt tweet=”Believe wholeheartedly in the good you know about yourself.” via=”no”]
  75. Understand the tools you have and how to use them.
  76. Be a child at heart and a warrior on your journey.
  77. Deal with challenges and let go of negative feelings.
  78. Allow yourself to understand the decision, before you make it.
  79. Stand for justice. This means justice for all not just a few.
  80. People are always watching your actions.

  81. Become the master of your thoughts and emotions.
  82. Be the same with everyone.
  83. Who are your friends and why?
  84. Don’t give up. Fall and get up one more time.
  85. Understand the battle ahead.
  86. Are you selfish or do you practice selflessness?
  87. Be a slave to your dream.
  88. Know when and how to work with others.
  89. [bctt tweet=”Who inspires you from the past and in the present.” via=”no”]
  90. Do you give others second chances?
  91. Get wisdom from those who lived before you.
  92. Where do you get courage from?
  93. The first step is important.
  94. Do you know how to feel?
  95. Have faith in God and yourself.
  96. What will you leave the next generation?
  97. Timing is everything
  98. Surround yourself with the best people you can find.
  99. What strategy do you consider before you take action?
  100. Do you have self-trust?

  101. Know the world is random insanity.


The 101 lessons are only a small part of the knowledge you get from the book, Warrior of the Light. Everyone is going through something different and your situation can help you see the wisdom in a different light.

I recommend you focus on one principle each day. In one year, you focus on each principle at least 3 times. Continue to find new ways to apply the lesson in this book.

Take Action

Of the 101 steps, which one will you focus on first?

Leave a comment below and share why you will focus on it. Check out other articles in this post.

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