Today’s Question : Linda

I always wondered what’ll be our lives after death. Do you have any imagination how it’ll look like if I may ask you?

I don’t think about this. But when I will be in front of this gate, I want to tell to the doorman: I lived my life fully.

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Today’s Question by the reader : Alisha

In your books you have mentioned that “One should listen to their heart..” But how to recognise the voice of heart , how can a child distinguish between black and a white when he is taught that black is white, while white is black? How can you recognise your real mentor, who could enlighten your soul? How can you distinguish between your soul mate and someone to whom you are lured?

Only through expericience and intuition. You need to push aside rational explanations from your acts and think outside of the box of “security”.
Dare to dream and see where this dream will lead you : this is where you will find the whisper of your heart’s voice.

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Today’s question by the reader : Kerttu

The reason I’m writing, is regarding your recent youtube video in which you asked who are the people who support the most.
There was a person who always supported me through everything – my grandmother. She passed away almost a year ago. But somehow I still feel that she is there for me somehow. Like she was watching over me and guiding me. Do you think it’s possible? Do you believe that there is somehow a way she could still be here for me?

Yes, I believe in presence of our loved ones and how their memory affects us all our lives. I even published a story about the death of my father-in-law and the “sign” we all received from his presence. You can read it here.

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Today’s Question by the reader : Martin

What is your vision about free online distribution?

For me internet is a way of being in touch with my readers and this contact has been priceless. I really enjoy having a direct contact, with no middle-men, with my readers.
In regards to online distribution, I have also always been very clear that I don’t consider pirating as “stealing” at all. I see this as a way of enabling the circulation of information and entertainment.
That’s why I created Pirate Coelho and constantly spoke about the necessity of changing our view about free online distribution.
You can read the speech I gave at the Frankfurt Book Fair, to have a more in depth grasp of what I mean.

Today’s Question by the reader : Betsy

I do have one question about your book The Alchemist. The person who referred it to me is a LT. Col. in an Army over in Pakistan and said how you discribed the desert life was very much so. How did you know? Was it through experience? Curious… He has read the book 10 times now.

I had been to Egypt before writing The Alchemist. But to be honest with you much of the inspiration for the description of the desert came to me from tales of the Desert Priests, the Bible and of course Arabic tales.
Truth can be easily recognised as long as your heart is open to it. Hence of the miracle of literature – and my constant effort in letting myself be guided by it.

Today’s Question by the reader : Andreas

Why did you write a book in which the main character is a serial killer?

The main theme of the book is manipulation of dreams, which is, in my eyes at least, one of the most vile forms of violence.
Therefore the very decor of the Festival is quite aggressive and Igor’s presence only magnifies this.
But to be honest, this is type of answer that I can only give once I wrote the book. The moment I was in the story, this seemed to me to be the natural way of telling this specific tale.
Some choices are made and only afterwords can we actually understand them.

Today’s Question by the reader : András

In the “Manual of the Warrior of Light”, you mention the I Ching. Do you use the I Ching and would you recommend it to the warriors of light?

People wrongly think that the I Ching is a book of divination – it is actually a book of action. That’s why, when you ask something, you need to be very precise in your question and very subtle in your interpretation.
I use the I Ching very seldom – but when I do, it is only for questions that I consider as being at the thresholds of my life. I recommend then this book to warriors, but only in very specific cases: when they know precisely their questions and when they are conscious of the fact that after their question, they need to act and no longer ponder.

Today’s Question by the reader : Carlotta

I’m an italiens girl… I’ve always had a doubt about the correct pronounciation of your surname… so, i was wondering whether you could answer to this question.

Of course, the correct prononciation in portuguese is [ˈpau̯lu ˈko̯eʎu].
But I don’t consider this very important – as long as the message passes across I am satisfied!

Today’s Question by the reader : Spider

What is your view of Gothic culture? How do you feel about what you see and what you know of “goths”?

I think the Gothic aesthetics is quite beautiful… For me today’s goths have followed the path of the English romantics : tumultuous passions, bottomless despair, irruption of the strange.
In a consumerist society, this clan sets itself apart – as if a reminder of another world, or another aim.

Today’s Question by the reader : Aleksandra

I’ve read “The Witch of Portobello” lately and I’d like to ask you a question: What made you write this book?

I wanted to understand the feminine face of God in this book – and moreover how some women are sacrificed for their freedom.

Today’s Question by the reader : Sarah

What is your Personal Legend? Is writing it? Did you listen to your heart at a young age, and lived through your Personal Legend?

Yes – my personal legend has always been, since I’m a teenager, to be a writer. I didn’t pursue it though for quite a long time.
I was a lyricist, an executive in a record company and an editor – before I finally made the choice – at the age of 40 – to follow what truly gives me enthusiasm. It was the pilgrimage to Saint James that enabled me to finally recognize my path – and give me the determination to actually follow it.

Today’s Question by the reader : Beatriz

What is the best way for anyone to move on?

By not forgetting the road that has lead us there. But this memory should never be a stop sign in our path : it should be a reminder that most things can be overcome.

Today’s Question by the reader : Pholthep

From my understanding of reading all of your books, you believe that sex is some type of a gateway to God, sex is not a sin, sex is encouraged, etc. But also, you have written in your books that Jesus was ‘conceived without sin’, I know that it’s from the bible, but doesn’t that also suggest that sex is sinful?

Sex is never sinful as long as people are treated with dignity and the moment is apprehended in its sacrality. Concerning the “immaculate conception” – it is metaphor, a symbol that expresses the embodiment of God in our material world. The fact that Jesus was “conceived without sin” refers to God’s untainted descent to our world.

Sex is this sense – refers to our material descent. Unlike Christ’s.

Today’s Question by the reader : Pilar

Which are the most inspiring things for you?

After my Pilgrimage to Saint James, I realized the most extraordinary things are to be found in people. This is my source of inspiration.

Today’s Question by the reader : Regina

How does a person manage to win battles, specially deception?

The secret of life consists in falling seven times and getting up eight.

Today’s Question by the reader : Laurence

The idea of confrontation runs in all your novel s- is this your way of perceiving the world?

Yes – in my eyes confrontation is an intrinsic part of the nature – to deny this is to deny its own essence.

Today’s Question by the reader : Pedro

Your new novel , The Winner Stands Alone, seems like a direct attack towards the show bizz… Is that correct?

I wasn’t aiming at hat with my new novel – I rather wanted to explore the idea of the manipulation of dreams. Most people nowadays want to be known with no reason; they forget that it is necessary to actually build something in order for their recognition to be legitimate.

Today’s Question by the reader : Faouzi

With your new book – isn’t the thriller a new genre for you?

Actually I never meant to write a thriller but a faithful portrayal of our times and the entertainment world.

Today’s Question by the reader : Ignace

Igor, in your new book The Winner Stands Alone, kills for love so that he can destroy worlds and hence build a new one to receive his love. How did this idea come to you?

Igor thinks he kills for love – but I don’t think that such an act can actually build anything. His actions only bring desolation.

Today’s Question by the reader : Joséphina

Is Fashion, the reign of appearances for you?

I don’t have anything against fashion. It can be the expression of freedom and a way of liberation. It’s the case for instance of Coco Chanel who single handedly revolutionized conventions.

Of course, there are some tendencies that don’t really convince and can be quite alienating.

It’s always a question of perspective.