Paul on the Road

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April 13 (from Roncesvalles)
April 14 (from Pamplona)
April 15 (from Villamayor de Monjarin)
April 16 (from Los Arcos to Logrono)
April 19 (From Domingo de la Calzada)
April 19 (From Domingo de la Calzada-2)
April 22 (From Castrojeriz)
April 23 (From Sanbol)
April 25 (From Carrion de los Condes)
April 26 (From Terredillos to Leon)
April 30 (From Hospital de Orbigo)
May 01 (From Astorga)
May 01 (A little piece from Paul)
May 02 (From Foncebadon)
May 03 (From Molinaseca)
May 04 (From Cacabelos)
May 05 (From Vega de Valcarce)
May 06 (From Fonfria)
May 07 (From Sarria)
May 10 (From Castaneda)
May 11 (From Santiago)
May 14 @ Christina’s Exhibition in Santiago