Paulo Coelho Institute


I would like to bring your attention to the 430 children needing our support.

The PAULO COELHO Institute is a non-profit-making institution financed largely by my royalties.
My aim was for it not to be a charity, but an institute to give opportunities to the underprivileged and ostracized members of Brazilian society.

Thus, the Institute concentrates its funds on:
a) Children (Rio de Janeiro and Baependi)
b) The elderly
c) Hospitals (Irmã Dulce, Bahia)


At present, the PAULO COELHO Institute provides financial support to Creche Escola Meninos da Luz, Lar Paulo de Tarso (in the Pavão-Pavãozinho favela, Rio de Janeiro), who look after these 430 children.
In 1996 we started with 80 children, and now with our continued effort we are supporting 430 children. Our goal is to reach 800 children
The real warriors behind the project are: Isabella de Moraes and Yolanda de Moraes Rego.

If you would like to make a donation to Lar Paulo de Tarso:
Email Isabella Maltarolli : [email protected]
Telephone : (5521) 2522-9524, 2247-0810 or 2247-8145.

If you would like to visit the site, please click here.
If you have Google Earth installed in your computer, key in: Rua Saint Roman 149, Rio de Janeiro 22071, RJ, Brasil and you will see the favela Pavão-Pavãozinho (the houses scattered by the hill).

Thanking you in advance for any support you may give us.
Thanks on behalf of these warriors, Isabella and Yolanda.
Thank you on behalf of the 430 children.
Thank you on behalf of my country, for the difference you can make.


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