Add Portolan to the home screen of your mobile phone

On iPhone :
– Visit http://portolan.paulocoelhoblog.com
– Hit “+” and select “Add to Home Screen”

On Android :
– Visit http://portolan.paulocoelhoblog.com
– Bookmark it
– Go to the home screen you want to add the link to
– Long-press in an empty space to bring up the “Add to Home Screen” menu
– Select “Shortcuts”
– Select “Bookmark”
– Choose your Bookmark

On Blackberry :
– Install LaunchPad from http://appworld.blackberry.com/webstore/content/2814
– Click on the LaunchPad icon
– Select the type of launcher as website
– Fill the form with http://portolan.paulocoelhoblog.com and Click “Create”
– You’ll be taken to a browser screen prompting you to download and install. Click on ‘Download’ and your launcher will quickly install