Today’s Question by Aart Hilal

Are you fond of traveling or are you happiest when in front of your typewriter in a quiet room?

For me being alive – meaning being able to meet people and travel – is what brings me joy. It’s only by living intensively that I’m able to gather enough experiences, emotions, that later on guide me when I decide to write.

Today’s Question by Aart Hilal

You have over the years become more visible on the Internet with your blog, Walking the Path — The Pilgrimage and your blogs in WordPress, MySpace & Facebook. Has the medium helped you understand your readers better?

Actually the medium has given me the possibility to get in touch with my readers and this is a priceless experience. Through my blog – – as well as my profiles in social network communities I’ve managed to interact in ways that were impossible before.

Recently, I’ve discovered Digg and I love the idea of the internauts actually choosing and voting for the news that are relevant to them. Internet is one of my windows to the world.

Reflections of the Warrior of the Light – Through and beyond

By Paulo Coelho

A warrior of the light notices that certain moments repeat themselves.

He often finds himself faced with the same problems and situations as before.

He becomes depressed. He begins to think he is incapable of making progress in life, the difficult moments having returned.

“I’ve already been through this”, he complains to his heart.

“It is true, you have been through it”, replies the heart. “But you never went beyond it.”

The warrior then understands that the repetition of experiences have one single purpose: to teach him that he has not yet learned.

He begins to seek out a new solution for each repeated struggle – until he finds a way of conquering.

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