Today’s Question by Aart Hilal

What is your message to your readers especially Indian readers? Any mantras for making their lives doubly meaningful and satisfying?

I’ve never seen myself as someone giving away mantras for making other people lives more satisfying. I’m not responsible for others.

Freedom is exactly that: people making their decisions by themselves, not giving it away for a “guru” to answer and decide for them.

I think the best advice is always to not follow advices. Try life by yourself.

I’m just a man that has gone in the direction of his personal legend, taking risks and learning daily from all around me.

Today’s Question by Aart Hilal

When you talk about “following one’s dreams” and donating your life to the path, how do we know that the “dreams” that we believe we have are really our dreams and they weren’t given to us by other people, especially nowadays in the modern world of mass media marketing?

I do believe that a person has a personal legend to fulfill – and independent of any mass media, you know what to do. What is a personal legend? It is the reason why we are alive. We have dreams, that are not necessarily the dreams that our parents, or society has for us. So, we must get rid of the idea of fulfilling what people expect us to do, and start to do what we expect from our lives. The message in “Veronika decides to die” is that: dare to be different. You are unique, and you have to accept you as you are, instead of trying to repeat other people’s destinies or patterns. Insanity is to behave like someone that you are not. Normality is the capacity to express your feelings. From the moment that you don’t fear to share your heart, you are a free person.

Today’s Question by Aart Hilal

You must have heard that there are numerous people who committed suicide from a sense failure. How do you view these incidents since you once said “When you want something, you have to fight for it, then the whole universe will help you. But not the way that you expect it.” In reality, is it a fact that not everyone will achieve what they want?

The concept of Personal Legend is beyond our daily lives. Joseph Campbell used a different expression, “Personal Bliss”, and we all know, when we are young, that there is something in life that makes us full of joy, while other things bother us. This is what Personal Legend is all about: following the path of enthusiasm. People who committed suicide from a sense of failure normally do that because they are following their parents path, not their own.